Simple Software For Your
Workshops and Events

Spend less time on workarounds and hacks and more time filling seats and impressing clients

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Ditch complex & clunky event registration tools
Skip the hassle of duct-taping tech together
Spend more time filling seats & making money

How To Know If Slottable Is For You

Do you offer Workshops, Training Classes, Bootcamps, Masterminds, Conferences, etc.?

Do you need to be able to offer multiple dates and/or times throughout the year for your clients?

Are you looking for an alternative to your “doesn’t-do-what-I-need” event management software?

Are you tired of having to string together a bunch of apps to almost get what you want?

Are you ready to stop trying to manage everything from an excel spreadsheet (or from your inbox)?

If any of those sound familiar, then Slottable was built for you

(No credit card required)

Be Up And Running In Less Than 15 Minutes

Seriously. We had our moms test it. Here’s how easy it is:

1. You Set Up Dates & Times
2. We Create Pages & Emails For You
3. Clients Book The Slots They Want
4. We Make Rosters & Send Reminders
5. You Blow Their Minds

Pro Tip: It takes less time to try Slottable than it does to read this site

And you can use it for free…  And you don’t even have to put in a credit card…  Go ahead, try it.

What Our Clients Love About Slottable

“I love how seamlessly Slottable handles every aspect of booking for our training workshops so I don’t have to cobble together a bunch of apps and hope nothing breaks.”

“I love how easy it is to create new dates for our training classes. I just pick some dates and Slottable creates everything I need. What used to take hours now takes minutes.”

“I love that Slottable was designed for exactly what I need for my bootcamps. I used to use more traditional event management tools and they were always super clunky.”

“My favorite thing about Slottable?  That’s easy.  How much more time I have to prepare and deliver for my clients because it’s so easy to use.”

Seriously though, you should just try it.

Let’s Talk Features ‘n Stuff

You can do a lot of things with Slottable, but here are some highlights

Create & organize your slots

Create and customize slot dates, times, and availability for all the things you offer your clients.

We’ll keep it all organized for you so can instantly see which slots are full and which slots still have availability.

Let clients book online

With literally ZERO extra effort required, you instantly have a complete online booking process branded to your company. We automatically create pages for you so you can share your availability, allow your clients to register online, and then show them confirmation details and instructions.

And if you want to spend a little time, you can easily customize the pages with any additional info you want to share.

Accept credit card payments

Need your clients to be able to pay with a credit card at the time of registration?

Our Stripe integration makes it super easy for anyone to start taking credit card payments.

Automate client reminders

Let our Automatic Follow-up Emails do the dirty work of making sure your clients are ready to go.

Simple emails are loaded up by default so you can just press go.  And you are free to edit them as much as you’d like.

Customize the whole process

Brand your online booking pages and emails to look like your company with your company logo, colors, and fonts.

Add custom messages onto your pages or in your emails so the entire process is unique to you.

Manage client records & info

Someone need to cancel a slot? Or change to a new date?  Or do you want to track attendance?

Our simple roster management tools have you covered in just a couple of clicks.

Integrate with your CRM

Do you use Keap, ActiveCampaign or GoHighLevel?  Our CRM integrations let you pass information about your clients directly to your CRM of choice.

You can also tag people so your CRM knows what’s going on in Slottable. No need for your CRM and Slottable to compete, they can work hand in hand.


And more. So much more…

We didn’t even get to how easy it is to manage your Locations… Or Vouchers…

Well, you made it to the end… (of this page)

We had hoped by now that we would have convinced you to start a completely free account (you don’t even have to put in a credit card). This is our last ditch, hail-mary attempt. Come join us. We promise it will be fun.