How To Make An Effective Landing Page For An Event

So…you’ve decided to host an event. You have all the details sorted and the prep work has begun….now what?

Creating an effective landing page for your event is key to not only attracting potential attendees, but getting the RIGHT people to attend your event. 

Read on for a few tips to help with the build or improvement of your event landing pages. 

  1. Focus on your audience – who do you want attending your event? Millennial females? Fitness enthusiasts? Whatever demographic you’re after, make sure your copy and design reflect who you’re marketing to. If your event caters to multiple people, consider making different landing pages for each group.
  2. Eliminate distractions – Make sure your page doesn’t have too many things going on. Focus on one specific goal, and make sure visuals and text aren’t distracting. 
  3. Make the booking process easy – Help your attendees follow through with registering for your event by making the booking process simple (psst…Slottable makes this super easy!).
  4. Include necessary information – To help set clear expectations, make sure you include all information that your attendees would want to know – dates, times, agenda, etc. 
  5. Split test – Create a few different landing pages to test. Vary the copy and/or visuals to see which one converts. You can send both to a small sample of your list, and whichever performs best, you can use moving forward.

There are many tools and landing page builders that have templates to help you design the perfect event landing page. Refer to the tips above to help you when you’re creating. Make sure to measure and track your results, so you can use the data to optimize for future events!

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