Create Your First Slottable Widget

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to create a registration widget for your event. This makes it easy for guests to register from a webpage with a click.

Once you have your events set up, you’ll click on “Scheduling Widgets”, and then “Add A Widget”. You will name your widget, and choose whether you want to add event sessions automatically or manually. You may choose to add the sessions manually if you have sessions that are exclusive to certain members, etc.

You will continue to configure your widget the way you’d like, and then choose a display message to show those who have already registered for an event. You’ll then choose “Create Widget”. Once your widget is created, you’ll see it listed.

Next, you will have the option of customizing your widget, so it will be consistent with your branding.

Last thing you’ll need to do is to copy the embed code to your clipboard.

Next, you’ll place the embed code on your landing page builder (in this example we are using ClickFunnels).

Now, in order to get people to the page to register for their slot, we will send them an email out of Keap with a link to that widget. When configuring the link to send users to from their email, we’ll make sure to set it up to pass their ID and email of the contact to the page. Next, you can send your email as you normally would, and once your contacts hit the page, they will see the widget to register.

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