How To Create Your First Event Using Slottable

This blog post will cover how to create events, the different types of events, and how to add different slots for events using Slottable.

When you log into Slottable, you will have the option to choose between 2 separate events: time slot events and day events.

A day event is something like a conference, or something that expands over multiple days. A time slot event is a bit simpler – an event that occurs on a single day and lasts a number of hours (ex: volunteer sessions offered on multiple days that last only a certain time period).

Here’s an example of a time slot event. For this example, we used a cycling class that lasts an hour. We created 2 different sessions – one on a Monday at 8am, and another on a Wednesday at 10am. Both sessions we set to have 20 slots open.

You will then see all the sessions you have created for this particular event listed. You can create as many as you need.

You can see the details including the roster of each individual session, and you can make changes if needed.

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